Traditional Korean Sword

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 -This training sword is fully handmade by a traditional Korean swordsman, who trained Presiding Grand Master G.K. Lee in the art of the sword. 

- It is made out of steel, which will alleviate the issue we had previously with the aluminum blade bending when pulling it out of the scabbard. 

- It is designed to feel like a real traditional sword. The only difference is it does not have a sharp blade. It features a single-edged blade, which allows for differential heat treatment while also preserving the blades' strength and structural integrity. 

- Wooden handle covered with ray skin and wrapped with black cotton cord. Accompanied by a matching scabbard and cover. 

Presiding Grand Master G.K. Lee proudly recommends this timeless, beautiful and well-made training sword.  

Blade - 31" 
Handle - 10.5" 
Total length - 41.5"

Approved for ATA Tournaments